Special Events

Mission Statement

The Special Events Committee of St. Gianna is dedicated to planning and providing social events for the parish throughout the year that allow members the opportunity to meet with and enjoy the company of others, as well as to build a strong parish family, all in the name of Christ.
The St. Gianna Special Events Committee realizes the desire of our parishioners to interact on a social and recreational level. We are dedicated to encourage our parish community to become more involved in our ever growing and vivacious parish. The Special Events Committee will make every effort to provide and coordinate activities, projects, programs and events to meet the needs of all parishioners of St. Gianna Parish.

“Then I shall come to you, if God wills, for a happy time of relaxation in your company.” (Isaiah 52:15)

Special Events Committee Members:

Liz Burkemper
Lori Grillion
Christine Hannibal
Pat Pannett
Mary Romine
Doris Walsh
Vickie Zerr
Nancy Zmuda

Latest News

held on 2nd Tuesday of the month, as needed
September 21, 2014

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