(PSR) Parish School                 of Religion

Mission Statement

By the power and grace of the Holy Spirit, the mission of the St. Gianna Parish School of Religion is to transform the lives of its parish children as they grow into an eternal relationship with Jesus Christ through the knowledge and understanding of the sacred teachings and traditions of the Catholic Church.

Our first PSR evening for grades 1 thru 8 is Monday, September 11, 2017. 

This first evening will not be a regular PSR evening; it will be a family Mass at 6:00 pm followed by meeting and greeting the catechists.

If you have not registered your child(ren) as-of-yet, it is important you do so before the first evening. You may obtain PSR registration forms from this website as indicated below.

Contact PSR Director

Dear Saint Gianna PSR Parents and Guardians,

Whether you are a returning family or new to the Saint Gianna Parish School of Religion (PSR),
I would like to welcome you on behalf of Father Elliott our pastor and the catechists and staff
to the 2017-2018 catechetical year!

Saint Gianna’s PSR provides excellent catechesis from faith-filled catechists and is open to all
parish children in grades 1 through 8.  Classes are held on Monday evenings from 6:00 p.m.
to 7:15 p.m.

We believe our Catholic faith is precious and we are excited to pass on its teachings, beliefs,
practices and history so that the children of the parish may grow in the knowledge and love
of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Before you return the completed forms to the parish office, please remember to:

--Register into the parish of Saint Gianna if, you have not done so as-of-yet

--Complete and sign the forms where indicated, and return them as soon as possible

--Provide e-mail information

--Attach a copy of each child’s Baptismal certificate if you are new this year to Saint Gianna PSR

--Please include at least one-half of the fees made payable to: Saint Gianna PSR

I look forward to seeing you on our first PSR evening which is Monday, September 11, 2017,
at our opening family Mass. I will email a reminder to all families who have registered.

Summer blessings,

Nancy Burian CRE
Director, Saint Gianna PSR
Saint Gianna PSR Registration Form 2017.docx
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