Mission Statement

The Parish Council of St. Gianna is the representative body that helps develop and support the Pastoral vision to unify and serve the Parish family in Christ.
The Parish Council advises the Pastor regarding present operations and future goals of the Parish.


Kathie Tuffner (President) – (appointed) term expires 2015

Gregg Hannibal (Vice-President) – (elected) term expires 2015

Kelli Kirchoff (Secretary - elected)
term expires 2017

Chris Brickler – (appointed)
term expires 2015

Vickie Zerr – (elected)
term expires 2015

Diana Post – (elected)
term expires 2016

Will Truss – (elected)
term expires 2016

Charlie Rastenberger (elected)
term expires 2017

John Litzinger - (appointed)

Latest News

When: 3rd Tuesday of every month
Time: 7:00pm
Location: Conference Room
* Meets 3rd Tuesday of the month

* Consists of eight members.
Elected members serve a 3-year term.
Appointed members serve 1-year term.

* Registered parishioners interested in being on the Parish Council should indicate their interest on the annual Time, Talent and Treasure form. This information will be kept on file, and council members will contact you when new members are added.

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